Friday, September 22, 2006

So be it!!!

Due to a really stressful and weird week I didn't end up entering into the FK competition, don't want to get into it again so I'm moving onto something positive.

I've finished another LO for the EDM competition - this is one for the Snapshots section. It details the lives and loves our our 3 bears - heaven forbid we ever forget or lose one of these bears!!! They have been with our children since their births, so they are really special little friends in our family. I've used the new Doodley-doo boy papers - love them!!!


Kellie said...

They are so unreal Jane!!....such precious memories to scrap and ditto to Kelley...thats an idea I bet a few of us will lift :)

Melissa said...

They are awesome Jane!
Love Love Love it!!