Thursday, October 19, 2006


If you think the baby chickens were cute then have a look at these guys - these little ones are absolutely gorgeous, but boy do they stink!!!

OK so blogger is being a bit on the difficult side!!! so I'll just have to tell you, we have;

3 cute, tiny, baby pacific black ducks.

They are so small and fluffy and gorgeous. But we only have them because of a tragic accident!!! Tim accidently ran over their mother, it was a really busy road, cars everwhere and this mother ducks and her ducklings came out of the bushes!!! Tim stradled the car over the top of them, hoping and praying he'd miss them, but unfortunately the mother tried to do the fly away and was hit. So Tim spent over an hour searching the bushes for the ducklings (he was supposed to be going to work!!!), but could only find these three. So we are keeping them safe and sound until they are big enough to let go (on our dam) and maybe they will stay or maybe they will leave, but at least we are going to give them a good start to life. We even have had them swimming in the kitchen sink - they are so cute.

I'll try to upload a photo later on today.

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scrapadel said...

They are too cute Jane. Sorry to hear about the mummy duck but at least you are taking good care of the babies.