Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Where have the school holidays gone???

I can't believe that we only have a few days to go - but we have been busy.

Week one saw us with a house full of visitors and more visitors and more visitors and they finally all left on Saturday!!!

Poor little Jess was ill on Friday night so I've spent days airing her bedroom and washing everything that was on her bed - including teddies and pillows - and the carpet - urrggghhhh. And to make things even messier Jess has a loft bed, so the mess was quiet extensive!!!

But otherwise I've been doing heaps with the kids - teddy bear picnic, treasure hunts, even took them to the beach - but it was blowing a gale, cold and miserable so we only lasted about 10 minutes!!! We might try to go again tomorrow if the glorious weather holds out.

So we've done lots - had fun - nearly run out of "cheap" holiday ideas - but can't quiet believe that there's only another 4 days left anyway!!!

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