Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Poor little Jessica is home sick at the moment with the chicken pox!!! Gotta be thankful that she isn't too sick, but they've started to get itchy so we're doing the Pinetarsel bath thing - hope it works!!!

Now just to wait for the boys to get it - I can just see the next 6 weeks leading up to Christmas - a constant stream of sick children!!! Nothing like a bit of a challenge!!!

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Janelle Wind said...

Oh Jane you poor thing. I went through a whole month at home with my two recently. Jasper was first and his wasn't too bad, then Emily got it exactly 2 weeks later and was much worse. Fingers crossed she is OK - i would avoid calomine lotion if you can as it dries them out and they scar - we found the baths and nurofen helped. My thoughts are with you and hope everyone is OK soon....