Thursday, November 30, 2006

What did I predict!!!

Yes, that's right both boys have just gotten the chicken pox, at least we will get it over and done with in one hit, and we will be pox free by Christmas (thank goodness).

So I'm stressed (still to do Christmas shopping and organising, and can't with two pox ridden boys) I've got school concerts, school speech nights, pre-school concerts, pre-school meetings and ..... I'm also really tired, the last time I was this tired for so many days in a row I had glandular fever and I so don't want to go back there again!!! So a very early night tonight for me and no scrapping (again!!!).

And I know I made a few changes to my blog and all my links disappeared - so I will have to get around to fixing it as soon as possible. And I haven't forgotten Kellie - I promise I will do it when I'm feeling less tired!!!


scrapadel said...

I hope your boys get over the chicken pox quickly so you can enyoy a stress-free Christmas.

Chris Millar said...

Hi Jane, Gosh, you've really copped it in your house with the Pox! Glad it will be all over before Christmas for you. Make sure you get plenty of rest too.