Monday, September 11, 2006


poor Tim, he was meant to do the bike leg in triathalon at Gloucester on the weekend but ....

It was CANCELLED ...

Due to the huge amount of rain they had and the incredible rise in the river level they deemed that it would be too unsafe and they had to cancel it. Eight months of hard work, of training 4 times a week, of organising, all gone in one night of torrential rain!!! But it couldn't be helped it was too risky to let bike riders cross a rising river and too dangerous for the kayakers to try and navigate the very turbulent water.

The kids still had a great time riding their bikes and paddling around in all the mud and water. Maybe next year we'll get a better result.

Anyhow I'll leave you with a piccie of the river crossing that Tim would have had to ride his pushbike through.

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