Saturday, April 28, 2007

DT Projects

These are a couple of my DT projects for Scrapworld for April. Using the very yummy Cosmo Cricket Wanted range (all of the products used are available at ScrapWorld), absolutely loved using these papers as they look good with both male and female LO's. Just loved the colours and style and if you add a little Heidi and Scenic Route and look what I got. I also did do a little CD mini-album detailing all the things that I love about our house, but Blogger is having issues uploading photos so I will leave it with just these two to start with. Gotta love my little boy racing around on his motorbike - and yes he does scare me - trying to do jumps and tricks, but I have to admit he's darn good at it!!!

And my gorgeous little girl, who is still missing one of her top teeth - will they never grow back!!! Seems like they are taking forever.

Tomorrow is a quiet day scrapping with some of the lovely Newcastle ladies so I'm supposed to be packing some stuff to take - instead I'm here playing on the computer, told you I was a really bad time manager.


Dee Molina said...

Hi Jane :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Loving your Cosmo Cricket pages. It's such a gorgeous product to work with isn't it !?

Look forward to stopping by here more often

Dee Molina

kellieh said...

love them jane - you're so clever....and dunno how u watch your little boy on a motorbike!! omg, id be a bundle of nerves!!

deirdre said...

Gorgeous LO's Jane, love those papers :)
LOL @ the sand comment in your last post :)

Anonymous said...

Love the layout Jane....WOW! I read your story on your Holiday, very scary stuff. Keep up the good work, loving your layouts


Julie said...

You're such a clever chicken. Great LO's.
I have to say that my son and motorbikes don't mix ... his first experience was on a little quad bike on a friend's property. As he tried to turn, the bike slid on the wet grass, he lost control and went through a barb wire fence OMG!! All body parts remained in tact but it wasn't pretty ... some nasty cuts and scratches etc etc ... Never mind, i guess that's all part of being a boy!

Kelley said...

Those LOs are awesome Jane!!! Im like Kell - dont know how you watch them on the bike!! Would scare me too much i think!