Saturday, January 15, 2011

What a week, floods in Qld and bushfires in WA, and now also flooding in parts of Vic and Tassie, what is happening with the weather, it's all so sad and horrific and heartbreaking. But it's been great to see the fantastic Aussie spirit shine through and people helping out in whatever way they can :).

And inbetween ferrying kids around I've managed some scrapping, both are for challenges at Scrapboutique, and both are for the first two weeks of my 52 week album - great start, hope I can keep up with it :). The first one is about my word for the year "balance" I need to find a better balance between work and "play" and kids and hubby and life in general, fingers crossed I can achieve it throughout the year.

And this one using lots and lots of numbers, as I've watched my odometer tick over and over and over with all the trips this week :) . Lucky kids and the great social life they all have!!!!!!

Please may this week be full of good news and sunshine.

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