Saturday, March 19, 2011

"simplify your life - it will reduce stress and give you more time to be joyful"

how true is that quote, but easy to do????? perhaps not. Life certainly has gotten busier here with me working a few days a week ontop of all the usual stuff that still needs doing, but I'm happy, super happy so all is good for now.

And check this out Nic Pomeroy is having a massive giveaway (check it out here - and just check out her scrapping/art/inspiration, always love visiting her blog to see what she's been creating.

And I've not scrapped much since my last post ...... but I was super lucky to attend a couple of Donna Downey's workshops at the Pages 2 Scrap shop at Tuggerah last weekend. To say I was inspired would be an understatement, just loved her enthusiasm and the incredible amount of talent she has - I'm busily working on finishing off the projects we did, but so far not much luck, between work, school open day, trips to Sydney, Newcastle Show Day and the everything else I'm only now sitting down to have a play - wish me luck!!!!!!!

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